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What’s Your New Year 2012 Fashion Resolution?

Well, 2012 is finally here and there’s a whole new year is ahead of all of us. So what is the game plan? Are we all planning to change in one way or another? Or are many of us still wondering…what should my New Year 2012 Resolution be?! To make your life easier, we’re offering [...]

Happy Holidays!

A Gorgeous, Confident, New You!

Christmas is only nine days away and even though sometimes’ we fashionsta’s don’t like to admit, our New Years Revolution has crossed our minds, like once, twice maybe a hundred times..and if your like me, and i’m sure many others, who set out their goal for the New Year, such as – Not eating chocolate, [...]

Tis’ finally the Holiday Party Season!

The Holidays are finally here ..Yahoooo!!! Which ultimately means.. parties, and lot’s of them. It doesn’t matter if your only going to your Christmas gathering at work, or if your schedule is jam-packed with parties and fun events¬†every evening for the month of December! Either way, Your going to need a great outfit to look [...]