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Islamic Dress

Travelling from country to country is exciting, seeing different ways of life, culture, and of course, fashion. Here, in the United Arab Emirates, the every day dress is quite different from that in Canada. Traditionally all black, women are covered from head to toe in their Abaya (which covers the body) and Shayla (covering the [...]

Little Less Conversation…

♪♫♪ Little less conversation a little more action please~ ♫♪ Boy, could I take a lesson from this one! Well, from the stop-talking-and-start-getting-things-done aspect rather than the I-think-I’ll-try-woodcarving-with-a-toothbrush approach. All the best to all of you who are doing those things that you always told yourself you would do someday! Setting goals and actually meeting them is [...]

Musical Monday

What an incredible week of music some of us luck Islanders have experienced!! Between week-long 2012 Music PEI music week showcases, a fantastically successful fundraising event at the Civic Centre, and then finally the 2012 Music PEI Awards Gala, we are happily exhausted!! Below pics were taken at Island Artists Unite – Fundraiser for the [...]

DIY Body Scrub!

Hello lovely Panachers! My name is Heather, and today is the first of many Spa Day Sundays designed to encourage you to relax, de-stress, and take some time for yourself and the things that you enjoy. Today I would love to share with you a recipe for a homemade body scrub. There are tons of [...]

Inspiration: A fresh cup of coffee

Good Morning Fashionstas! How does everyone start their daily routine? or once the first thing you think about ,while your dragging your feet out of your cozy, warm bed? .. Well i’m sure everyone has their own indivdiual ritual ..but mine is having a fresh cup of  coffee. (However, sometimes I like to switch it up: [...]

Toony Tuesday part Two!

Aagh, only the second official Ary Inspires! strip for Toony Tuesdays and here I am posting so late in the day. Uh, anyways~ Brenda here again! I hope that you’ve all had a fab week so far!! I also hope that you are enjoying the strip~ What poor Ary doesn’t realize here is that Americans [...]


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Inspiration: Resorts

Who is travelling south or somewhere warm this winter? I am! And I can’t wait! South is my number one destination because of the warm sun and beautiful beaches (and free drinks). I mean…who doesn’t love all those things…especially if your able to get all three, all at once?! However, I hate to admit it, but I’m usually [...]

It’s Thrifty Thursday!

We at Panache LOVE fashion. And the only thing we like almost as much as fashion is getting great deals on fashion! While a lot of hipsters believe they must spend loads of cold, hard cash to keep on top of the trends, fashionistas know that a little dough can go a long way when [...]

Ary Inspires! Seasons

The beginning of many-a-wonderful “Toony Tuesdays” here at the brand-spankin’ new Panache blog! My name is Brenda and Ary Inspires! is a little personal project of mine where I take an inspirational quote and translate it visually using my mascot character Ary & her pals! Let Ary inspire you during your busy work week~