Monthly Archives: February 2012

Motivational Monday

It’s another Monday morning and the majority of us are dreading to leave the house.. However, stay positive, bright and happy and chances are that you’ll have a fantastic week! Not sure how to remain positive through your entire hectic week? 1. When your having a bad day or “I wish I was anywhere but here moment” [...]

Captivating Capoeira

Travelling opens pages that one could never find in a book. Sure, the information can be found in a hardcover, but the true understanding and appreciation is not reached to its fullest potential. Being in France has opened my eyes to many thing, one being the wonderful sport of Capoeira. Capoeira, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s [...]

Happy Birthday Blogger Jennifer!!

Today, we want to send out a very happy birthday wish to our Fashion Friday blogger, Jennifer! 

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Panachiens~!! <3

Nutrition For Your Skin!

Welcome to another edition of Spaday Sunday! On today’s menu, a delicious face mask to nourish, hydrate, and smooth your skin. This time of year can be tough on our faces. Even if we’re careful about using a protective moisturizer daily and covering up with scarves, the cold weather can dry out delicate facial skin, [...]

Inspiration: Valentiness Day.. Share the Love!

  Happy Valentines Day! by jenniferbeaton featuring wire sunglasses Good Morning Fashionstas! So, as you all must know, Valentine’s Day is approaching and it is approaching fast. (Where did January go?) Some of us may be wondering what we should get our significant know the person in our lives that drives us crazy most [...]

Fashion Inspiration

Need some style inspiration? Visit an airport or simply pay attention while travelling! Fashion spotting is the perfect hobby to keep you entertained while waiting for hours upon end. Here I sit in the Bahrain airport, with a live, diverse fashion show streaming five feet in front of my Costa Coffee Café. There is tradition [...]

I love Babies!

Hey again, Brenda here with another Toony Tuesday update~ Forgive my lack of comic last week… I found myself swamped with so much so that checking and updating my sites was next to impossible. Thanks for your patience and enjoy your Tuesday!

Fun, Fearless FASHION: Inspiration GREEN

Good afternoon Fashionstas! It’s finally Friday once again, any plans for the weekend? If yes.. try adding a splash of green into whatever your wearing! Reasoning? Green is simply just one of those colors who usually gets left out of our outfit or we keep on the hanger in the closet. However, I think it’s time to definitely [...]

Food, fabulous food.

One of my favourite parts about travelling is the different food. I love discovering delectable dishes to satisfy my palette. Middle Eastern food has always been a favourite, so my taste buds have been spoiled for the last three weeks, indulging in homemade hummus (or humoose, as pronounced here), tabbouleh, curry, couscous, manakish, felafel and [...]