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..Which reminds me that my room could use a cleaning O_< Eep! Happy first day of Spring Panachians~ Looking forward to pulling out your Spring 2012 wardrobe? I know I’m looking forward to shedding some layers!

Toony Tuesday bonus

Toony Tuesday bonus! I know spring is on the way, but it’s still not too late to post some winter fashion!

Colour Your Soul

What kind of art inspires you?

Motivational Monday!

Motivational Monday by jenniferbeaton on EDITH A. MILLER “Heart” Pouch €90 -

Inspiration: FLORAL

Floral prints are a classic pattern in the history and world of fashion. It’s one of those prints that will never get old, regardless of the year or season. With this guide, you can learn how to style floral prints in a way that works for you. Choose a Print With so many types of [...]

Crank up the Toons!

More Ary Inspires to pick you up this Tuesday~

Motivational Monday

  Motivational Monday by jenniferbeaton on black-frame How To Be Unashamedly You | Motivational Memo Blog

All About Olive Oil!

Hello Panache fans and welcome to another edition of Spa Sundays! Today I would like to share with you some of the great things you can do with olive oil! In addition to being super tasty and amazing for your body, olive oil can also be used for a variety of skin care treatments. I [...]

10 Ways to Wear Springs Hottest Colors!

  Spring is just around the corner, and many of us are wondering what are the styles for this season, and how should they be worn. Here are some faboulous tips for wearing bright, beautiful, bold colors that will boost your look! 1. How many of us have our favorite LBD?  well for your next [...]