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Styles to Wear: At Work

Styles to Wear at Work by jenniferbeaton featuring a dolman sweater

Sunday Afternoon Time-Waster

Cozied up today with nottaclue what to do? Here’s a hilarious Sunday time-waster to keep you entertained and quite possibly inspired for hosting over the holidays! (Only one month to Christmas, lovelies!) Weight Watcher Recipe Cards from 1974

New Fashion Rules: A Guide to Looking Glamorous

Hello Fashionsta’s! How many of from time to time pondered, and asked “What Can I do to either: Improve my style, change it up a little more or Simply try something completely new?” I know I have, actually.. honestly, I feel like I ask myself those question’s every morning when I’m rushing out the door, and [...]

Falling in Love: Fall Collections

Fall in Love with Fall by jenniferbeaton featuring wool fingerless gloves Good Morning Fashionsta’s, Who else can not believe that it is almost the end of November? Like really.. where did it even go? For me, personally this month flew by .. it flew by as fast as I throw down my credit card on a [...]

Thrifty Thursday – DIY Holiday Candle