Spring Trends 2013

Good afternoon Fashionsta’s!

So I’m personally getting tired of waking up, looking out my window & all i’m seeing is snow.
However, I keep reminding myself.. Spring is JUST around the corner.

I know were all probably looking through our closets trying to decide: what is still in this season, should I keep this, & what else do I need to buy to make my Spring wardrobe complete?

Here are some of the trends for 2013

- Black & White Print: Yes.. Black & White Print; were all so used to wearing pure black and white articles of clothing, I turned to those colors when I have nothing else or I’m trying to match what I already have on. Why? Because they go with mostly everything. However this season .. black & white prints are in so pick some up! & pair it with a bold accessory.

- Colorful Blazers: I know each of us has that black boyfriend blazer hanging in our closets that we turned to when were wearing jeans & want to dress it up, or even when were in dress pants. Although, this season pick yourself up a colorful blazer, they’re fun, bold and bright. (My personal favorite colored blazer right now is red!)

- Pastel colors …are still in! Especially mint green, Pastels look great on everyone and you can mix & match them with just about anything.

Get excited Fashionsta’s! Spring is ON IT’S WAY!



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