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Street Fashion

  What is Street Style? Street style is something that is customized and represents your personality. You take a plain article of clothing and transform it into something chic by altering it or simply adding bold accessories to the look. Street Style cannot be classified in one category because there are simply too many classifications. [...]

Fantastic Friday Recipe

How many of us are thinking “Yes, it’s finally Friday?” I know I definitely am. However, on the other side of things, I have absolutely no idea what I feel like doing on this Friday evening.. all I know is that I feel like baking some chocolate chip cookies and having a bowl of ice [...]

Is it Summer yet? It’s coming! and so are the new trends and fashions in stores and your local boutiques. So.. for myself personally, i’m always wondering what should I have in my Summer Wardrobe? What kind of accessories should I pick up, what colors should I focus on buying and what can I do [...]

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.” – Dianna Vreeland

  Good afternoon Fashionsta’s! Summer is coming – keep looking forward to it, I know I cannot wait to walk outside in wedge sandals, colorful shorts and feel the warmth of the sun. Tune in this week for “What You Need in Your Summer Wardrobe” and “How to Transform the Clothes you Already have to [...]

What is Your Signature Color?

 What is Your Signature Color?  How many of us used to constantly write out our names practicing our signatures to perfection, so whenever the chance came for us to sign something with our name on it, our signature looked great? We were pleased how our name looked on paper.  Although – how many of us [...]


Good afternoon Fashionsta’s! So I’m personally getting tired of waking up, looking out my window & all i’m seeing is snow. However, I keep reminding myself.. Spring is JUST around the corner. I know were all probably looking through our closets trying to decide: what is still in this season, should I keep this, & [...]

Inspiration: Passion for Coffee

Good afternoon Fashionsta’s Who else is thinking.. “I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday, this week is never going to end” – Believe me, you’re not alone. Mondays & Tuesday’s are the two days I usually find the hardest, they’re the ones right in the beginning of the week.  I especially dread Mondays – the day [...]

Holiday Fashion Trends 2012

Good morning Fashionsta’s! Who else can totally not believe that is already the middle of Decemeber? I definitely can’t, soon it will be January and a whole new year will be beginning. However, we all know that Decemeber will be filled with gatherings and parties, and us fashionsta’s will need the perfect outfit to wear to [...]

Office Attire Transformed into Perfect Holiday Wear!

Good morning Fashionsta’s! I know many of you are probably writing your “to-do lists” for the week, and one of the top three things on your list is figuring out what your going to wear to your office holiday party. When your attending a office function, keep a professional mindset. In other words, project your [...]

Styles to Wear: At Work

Styles to Wear at Work by jenniferbeaton featuring a dolman sweater