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Street Fashion

  What is Street Style? Street style is something that is customized and represents your personality. You take a plain article of clothing and transform it into something chic by altering it or simply adding bold accessories to the look. Street Style cannot be classified in one category because there are simply too many classifications. [...]

Office Attire Transformed into Perfect Holiday Wear!

Good morning Fashionsta’s! I know many of you are probably writing your “to-do lists” for the week, and one of the top three things on your list is figuring out what your going to wear to your office holiday party. When your attending a office function, keep a professional mindset. In other words, project your [...]

Styles to Wear: At Work

Styles to Wear at Work by jenniferbeaton featuring a dolman sweater

New Fashion Rules: A Guide to Looking Glamorous

Hello Fashionsta’s! How many of from time to time pondered, and asked “What Can I do to either: Improve my style, change it up a little more or Simply try something completely new?” I know I have, actually.. honestly, I feel like I ask myself those question’s every morning when I’m rushing out the door, and [...]

Falling in Love: Fall Collections

Fall in Love with Fall by jenniferbeaton featuring wool fingerless gloves Good Morning Fashionsta’s, Who else can not believe that it is almost the end of November? Like really.. where did it even go? For me, personally this month flew by .. it flew by as fast as I throw down my credit card on a [...]

Secrets from a Shopaholic

Well Fashionsta’s, we made it through another week .. cause guess what?! It’s finally Friday.. definitely my favorite day. So the weekend is here (Woohoo!) Next question that is on most of our minds.. what should I wear out this Saturday night? Or .. let’s be honest.. who has already started contemplating on going to the mall just one more [...]


Good evening Fashionstas! So, we all know that  Spring is definitely here.. and I know I’m not alone when I say.. I need some new clothes! But what’s in? Keep reading! Let’s start out with color! The big color trend for 2012 spring/summer is bright colors. Yes you read right – bright is the new [...]

Inspiration: FLORAL

Floral prints are a classic pattern in the history and world of fashion. It’s one of those prints that will never get old, regardless of the year or season. With this guide, you can learn how to style floral prints in a way that works for you. Choose a Print With so many types of [...]

10 Ways to Wear Springs Hottest Colors!

  Spring is just around the corner, and many of us are wondering what are the styles for this season, and how should they be worn. Here are some faboulous tips for wearing bright, beautiful, bold colors that will boost your look! 1. How many of us have our favorite LBD?  well for your next [...]

Inspiration: Valentiness Day.. Share the Love!

  Happy Valentines Day! by jenniferbeaton featuring wire sunglasses Good Morning Fashionstas! So, as you all must know, Valentine’s Day is approaching and it is approaching fast. (Where did January go?) Some of us may be wondering what we should get our significant know the person in our lives that drives us crazy most [...]