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Inspiration: Passion for Coffee

Good afternoon Fashionsta’s Who else is thinking.. “I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday, this week is never going to end” – Believe me, you’re not alone. Mondays & Tuesday’s are the two days I usually find the hardest, they’re the ones right in the beginning of the week.  I especially dread Mondays – the day [...]

The Family Meal

It is true that France, along with Canada and many other countries, tantelizes the tastebuds with lots of great food to celebrate. The difference, however, is that one “family meal” takes up to three to four hours. Lucky me got to take part in this family gathering during the celebration of two birthday partys.   [...]

Inspiration: A fresh cup of coffee

Good Morning Fashionstas! How does everyone start their daily routine? or once the first thing you think about ,while your dragging your feet out of your cozy, warm bed? .. Well i’m sure everyone has their own indivdiual ritual ..but mine is having a fresh cup of  coffee. (However, sometimes I like to switch it up: [...]